Currently serving clients in California and Indiana

Hi! My name is Steve Monte (he/him), and I founded Rock Life Counseling because I was frustrated by the traditional model of counseling. It wasn’t working for many clients that I saw out there struggling. They’d go looking for help that would match up with their needs, only to come up empty time and time again.

I solve problems related to:
Adult ADHD
Relationship Issues
Career Challenges

I spent about a decade as a manager and director over counseling programs before Rock Life Counseling was born. Then I spent years teaching graduate students at a top-ranked school, researching best practices, writing peer-reviewed papers, and training people on how to take control of their own mental health. Now I’m ready to help you.

I specialize in treating anxiety disorders, because I’ve dealt with it in my own life. At its worst, I found myself having a full-blown panic attack while driving in the fast lane on the open highway – I was afraid I was going to crash and die in spite of the light traffic and clear road conditions.

I’ve helped clients solve relationship and parenting issues too. As a married guy with two kids, I’m not just bringing two decades of professional training to you. I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.