Tatenda Kunaka, LMHC

Are you a young professional who’s struggling with anxiety? It seems like there’s always something stressful going on. Today, it’s relationship troubles. Your circle of friends and family only add to the stress. And even when relationships are going well, there’s pressure at work. Are you sure this company is the best fit for you? What if you don’t get that pay raise you’re shooting for? Do you need to come up with Plan B? What does that even look like? In those rare moments that you find some peace and calm, it seems like your brain goes looking for the next problem lurking around the corner. Adulting is hard!

My name is Tatenda Kunaka, and I help people deal with trauma from their past, and get clarity in the present. I want that for you too, so you can tackle your biggest fears and worries, and live your brightest future. 

I help people with:

  • Anxiety
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Dating and Relationship issues
  • Family challenges
  • Work-life balance
  • Substance use

As a woman of color and a first-generation immigrant, I bring a wealth of life experience and perspective that’s already helped countless other people to heal from trauma and calm their anxiety. In addition to that, I’m a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) with nearly a decade studying and working in the field of mental health. I’ve learned quite a bit along the way, and I joined the team at Rock Life Counseling so you can access even more collective wisdom to support your journey. Our proven, collaborative approach to supporting your mental health means that you can put your worries to rest, knowing that we’ve got your back and we’ll help you move forward!

If this sounds like it could work for you, don’t wait another minute to reach out. Click the link below and schedule your free consultation to get started. I promise you’ll be glad you did!