Alexander Peacock Jr, LSW

Attention teens and young adults! Are you looking for someone to help guide you through this current stretch of life’s journey? Is the road a bit bumpy, and you’re not sure how to navigate it? Hi, I’m Alex Peacock and I want to partner with you to get past any obstacles in your way. I believe in your ability to grow and become more resilient, and I’m ready to partner with you on life’s adventure!

I’ll help you with:

  • ADHD and Autism
  • Anxiety
  • College and Career Decisions
  • Depression
  • Dating and Relationships

Imagine therapy as a laid-back conversation with one of your closest allies. Learn and implement science-backed strategies to move you forward. Dive into practical tools like CBT for conquering tricky thoughts, DBT for crafting superpower coping skills, and Motivational Interviewing to turn your goals into reality.

I like to keep it real – no fillers or fluff, just straight talk. Here’s the reality – I’m a bit neurodivergent myself, so if your brain is wired a bit differently than others, I’m the perfect guide for your unique journey. My mission? To support and empower you to see neurodivergence as a superpower. It doesn’t matter whether you have ADHD, ASD, or just something … different about you. You have a superpower, life is an adventure, and I’ll be right by your side to navigate the twists and turns as you find them.  Ready for therapy with someone who gets it? Let’s do this! Click below to get started.