Life is complicated. You’re a multifaceted woman who has to exist in the midst of uncertain times. Your cultural and intersectional identity makes it difficult for you to find a comfortable space — a safe space. And you don’t just want to be safe. You want to thrive, to grow, to push yourself toward self-actualization while somehow still finding a mindful balance between growth and rest.
You’re looking for someone who can help with that, and I dare to think that’s me. We’ll carve out some time in your week to take a breath, be attuned to your emotions, and get back in touch with the values that guide your work. You’ll learn and pick up new behaviors — new ways of being that lead to a healthier mind, body, and soul.
I’ll offer you my unwavering support to help as you face your biggest challenges, find balance, and live your best life.

I help clients who are dealing with:

Relationship Issues
Childhood Trauma and PTSD
And more

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