Hi, I’m Alicia, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and while I don’t know you yet, I believe that you are wise, strong, and capable. I became a clinical social worker to support folks in identifying what is most important to them on their personal journey and how they want to navigate it. My hope is to provide a genuine, honest, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where you can safely explore your needs. Through an authentic and safe therapeutic relationship, you can experience self-discovery and healing.

I support individuals who struggle with:
Substance Use
Gender Identity
Social Injustice Stress
Relationship Stress
Employment Stress
Procrastination and Motivation
Organization and Focus

I will interact with you by way of reflective listening, strategic inquiry, encouragement, and, when appropriate, challenging beliefs and actions that are compromising and undermining to you. A key focus of my work is to support you in learning from your life experience and tapping into your innate wisdom, power, and most authentic self.

I maintain an awareness of my privilege as a white, cishet therapist, and prioritize creating and holding affirming space for everyone, especially historically marginalized groups. I employ an intersectional approach and enjoy working with people of all genders (including trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive folks), all sexualities, all racial and ethnic identities, all spiritual beliefs, and all body sizes, as well as people in all kinds of relationship styles.

My full-time job is creating and implementing new behavioral health programs for local government. When not working, you’ll find me relaxing in the mountains with my partner and dogs (and tortoises, chickens, and ducks), exploring beach towns and scuba diving, or taking a road trip to a new city.