Hello and welcome! My name is Aaron (he/him) and I am a licensed marriage and family therapist. Would you like to have conversations related to pertinent thoughts and feelings on topics that flow in and out of your life?  We often experience challenges in personal relationships, stress at work, a lack of direction, a struggle to make a decision, and communication pains.  Instead of ignoring or pathologizing what comes up for us, we can lean in and work through it.  I’d like to hold a secure and reliable space to explore, problem solve, and identify intentional actions steps that lead to your goals.

My name is Aaron Weinstein and I provide support to those who experience:
Behavioral Concerns
Communications Challenges
Stressful Work Environments
Navigating Difficult Relationships
Lack of Motivation to Generate Change

I have about a decade of experience serving the youth in my community, helping parents, and aiding working professionals.  My passion comes from observing people overcome their hardships.  The process is your own; I want to provide the tools that fit best.